What is The Nowhere Omnibus?

See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

The Nowhere Omnibus is simultaneously an interactive art experience and an actual service. It will combine physical installations around the Esplanade, in the form of idealised bus stops, with a traditional London Routemaster bus, which will circumnavigate the playa every day of Burning Man.


It is our opinion that the key radical and disruptive element of this project is that the Omnibus will run on a regular schedule, thus providing Black Rock City with its first genuine public transport infrastructure.

The project is focused on an actual London Transport RMT Routemaster bus in traditional livery, with an operating crew of 2 – a driver and a conductor – and a cast of thousands. Seven modified London Transport bus stops, with route maps and timetables, will be placed on The Esplanade at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ‘o’clock and at The Man.nowhereroute.png

The Nowhere Omnnibus will run a scheduled bus service hourly around this route, for eight hours, every day, for the duration of the event. The service will be split across morning and evening service enabling passengers to enjoy journeys during the busier, cooler parts of the day.

We will be arrive precisely on time at each stop, never exceed the official bus capacity and stop for a cup of tea every hour.

But this incredible yet solidly functional platform will be heavily spiced with interactive and subversive theatre both en-route and at stops.

Incorporating costume, interaction and performance, the Nowhere Omnibus will transport its passengers into another world, one in contrast to the expected norms of Black Rock City.


Want to contact us? Please email nowhereomnibus@gmail.com

See our Donate page
for full details of what we’re asking for and why

6 responses to “What is The Nowhere Omnibus?

  1. Silver Orange

    Bravo! It’s great to see someone making this happen. Best of luck in your endeavor and I’ll see you in the dust!

  2. Dear Nowhere Omnibus,

    Two “RANGER” thumbs up!

    We’re looking forward to putting our official “RANGER TESTED, RANGER APPROVED” sticker on your bus after our -test ride- of course. ;-]

    Please stop by our personal camp “RADIO ELECTRA” 89.9 on your Playa dial & we’ll be happy to interview you! 🙂

    Perhaps you can make up a public service
    announcement that we could play on air for your bus service too?

    It’s hard to find good help you know! LOL ;-]


    Also feel free to stop by Ranger Headquarters for a shout-out from your BRC Ranger crew.


    Yours in dust,

    RB x 2

  3. I’m donating NOW !! Considering the travel conditions last year. You have a FANTASTIC idea… and a First within an arena of VERY creative thinkers !!

  4. nowhereomnibus

    Thank Ya’ll! My God. We’re having to be sooo busy on this now. Seeya THERE!

  5. Awesome. Thank you!

  6. Geo from Texas

    We are SO excited about this!! See y’all on the playa!

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