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About London Buses

A streamlined work of art, The Routemaster is the classic double-decker bus which served London from 1956 until 2006, when it was formally retired from service. This Big Red Bus is an internationally recognised icon of British culture and claims the same degree of affection in the hearts of Londoners as the cable car does for San Franciscans.

Passengers board and alight the bus via the famous open platform at the back of the bus, a practice characterised by the catchphrase “hop on hop off.” The bus loads quickly as passengers do not need to pay upon entering. They take their seats (Standing room for 5, downstairs only) and are approached by the bus conductor who issues tickets and cockney home spun philosophy during the journey.clippie.png

The bus conductor communicates with the driver by means of a length of rope running the length of the bus, which is attached to a bell in the driver’s compartment. This enables the conductor to signal that the bus may start or stop. One ding for stop and two dings for go.


The Nowhere Omnibus will run a scheduled bus service hourly around the playa every day, for the duration of the event. We will be arrive precisely on time at each stop, never exceed the official bus capacity and stop for a cup of tea every hour.

The service will be split across morning and evening service enabling passengers to enjoy journeys during the busier, cooler parts of the day. Part of the morning schedule will be set aside for Art Tours. Staff will be dressed in vintage London Transport uniform with traditional London attitudes.


Tickets will be dispensed through traditional ticket machitim.pngnes worn by the clippies (conductors) but the tickets themselves will be designed to emphasise the surreal nature of the concept.

The service will be route number 00, destination Nowhere!

See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

4 responses to “About

  1. Are the tickets MOOP or are they temporary tatoos or are they meticulously collected by the conductor? Are they laminated and reuseable? Are they edible.

    mmm edible!

    I like the sign: PUSH ONCE- can the people who help on this project get badges that say “Nowhere Omnibus BM 08” around the edges and the PUSH ONCE thinging in the middle? I don’t know where/how to make ’em – but I really LIKE the idea!

  2. nowhereomnibus

    Our plan so far suggests that passengers will have the option either to keep the tickets as a souvenir, or our team will ensure that they do not turn into trash/moop.

    Thanks for the badge idea – nice! 🙂

  3. Is Toby related to Stuart of the East Sheen Massive?

  4. This is SO AWESOME! =D

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