See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

We will be seeking a cast and crew of at least 20 people for both fundraising purposes and the creation and running of the project. If you want to get involved please mail us with details of where you’re based, what skills you have to offer and how much you can contribute in terms of time and donations.


2 competent builders for small scale construction,
A trained Routemaster driver. – more if possible.
A capable mechanical engineer. – more if possible.
A designer.
A Costume Manager.
2 general support drivers.


We will be seeking performance artists to convey the true atmosphere of a London Routemaster bus journey.

The very nature of the bus, with seats facing forward towards the front, provides a perfect performance space, enabling one or two person acts to entertain passengers with music or theatre.

Alongside the uniformed driver and bus conductor, an assortment of characters will roam the bus. Stooges will be present among the passengers, some for the purposes of straight entertainment, others for a more disconcerting theatre. A support vehicle will follow at a discreet distance to facilitate where necessary.

An ambient soundtrack of London atmosphere will be built from highlights of location recordings on actual London bus journeys.

The Conductor.

The Conductor will be the jolly Bus Conductor but will also function as an MC for the journey.
The distribution and checking of tickets will be used to encourage random acts of participation from passengers. A number of performers will fill this role – running the bus, dishing out tickets and information peppered with delicate touches of home spun cockney mockney and keeping the theatre of the journey bobbing along at a right old pace.

The Ticket Inspector.

The Ticket Inspector always instils fear into the heart of any self-respecting fare dodger.
You never know when they’ll get on. Sometimes it’s a ten quid fine. Sometimes it’s a bottom inspection. Or else it’s…

The Uniformed British Transport Police!

These tools of the state were present at BRC in 2005 and obviously found enough evidence of the criminal fringe lurking beneath the smelly underbelly of BRC to warrant further inspection.

See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

7 responses to “Crew

  1. couple of quick questions:
    where are you gonna get a routemaster bus from??
    Are you actively involved with any other british groups out there (in BRC)??
    We had a pub on the playa last year, right on the Esplanade, about 8.30. You could really work with this point on your route map, as loads of burners last year only discovered it at the end of the week when most other venues had closed.
    Flying monkey pub, konsortium village /costume cult
    All sounds great though, i should be there, and would love to help if possible….

  2. nowhereomnibus

    Thanks for your message – we’ll reply privately.

    Nowhere Omnibus is a British / London-based group… we’re not officially affiliated with any camp but you will find us with other European and British Burners.

    Our Routemaster has been sourced… more details assuming we reach our funding targets, so every donation counts!

    Many thanks

  3. Inspector Inspector!!!

    Or what if it was an IMPOSTER INSPECTOR

    (in any case, I am really good at instilling fear! I worked for the DMV AND at the AIRPORT inspections last year! really good!)

  4. I would love to help out. Do I know you guys? I hung out with the London burners for about two years and just got back to SF in December.

  5. Hot Wheelz camp

    Hi all Wayne hear from HOT WHEELZ CAMP .

    At Hot Wheelz Camp, we offer the gift of mobility to fellow disabled Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far reaches of Black Rock City.
    It is our goal to expand and enhance the opportunities for our Themecamp guests to PARTICIPATE!
    Hot Wheelz Camp, offers the gift of powerchair and other services of mobility to fellow Burners who might have difficulty traveling to the far reaches of Black Rock City.
    We can recharge your power chair mobility scooter etc .
    We have some spare mobility parts to.
    We can re program most power chairs and scooters to mach playa conditions and user interface.
    We gift short time use 3hr and overnight use of or fleet of mobility art cars.
    We or NOT Caregivers if you need a caregiver or other full time aide service That is up to you not Hot Wheelz camp.
    Some of the larger flat deck art cars have ramps and stop at or camp to gift rides out and about Black rock city to see art and much more.
    Can you assist/work or work with us ?
    My camp is located near center camp.
    We need your help thanks.

    We have room for 1 or 2 disabled oversees guest.

  6. Hey Ren, could you drop us a line at

  7. Hi Wayne,

    the Routemaster wasn’t well designed for wheelchair access but does have a platform and a storage area near at the enrance of the vehicle. We’ll construct a ramp to facilitate the use of this area for small chairs. We could probably fit two chairs on the bus so long as one of the passengers was able to relocate to a seat once aboard. There is insufficient space for large motorised chairs and we’ll have to discuss any potential legal issues with Omnibus crew helping to lift people on or off the bus.


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