First can we say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far. And especially to those of you who donated last year and trusted us to carry the project over.

The Nowhere Omnibus project has been kick-started thanks to an arts grant from Burning Man. However, the grant does not cover all of the costs inherent in making the idea a reality. This is a big dream that will only happen with some big kindness and generosity from the community.

Accordingly we are asking for donations from anyone and everyone who is excited about bringing the Nowhere Omnibus to Burning Man 2009. Currently we’re accepting donations via PayPal, which accepts pretty much all credit cards. Simply click the donate button or direct your PayPal account towards our address:


Donations of all sizes are gratefully accepted, of course, so please put in as much or as little as you can afford. But donations of USD $50 and above will help the Nowhere Omnibus get to its destination more quickly! PayPal charges us fees to accept / withdraw donations, so please bear that in mind when calculating your donation amount.

In return you get kudos on the website (should you want it) and the warm feeling of having contributed to one of the most spectacular (and useful!) art projects on the playa. If you would like to be credited, please let us know when donating: there is an optional form allowing you to enter a message to us. Alternatively you can mail us with details of your donation and whether or not you’d like the amount of your donation to be listed alongside your credit.

The whole procedure will be transparent, as we will publish a report of our budget and where the money is spent; also, donations will be held in account, so if we do not manage to collect all the funds needed to launch the bus, you will be guaranteed to receive your donation back.

With heartfelt thanks from the Nowhere Omnibus team.


7 responses to “Donate

  1. So, how do I submit a donation? Paypal address, please!

  2. will there be one of those lovely old ticket machines to play with…

    i want to donate




  3. Thanks for your generosity! The PayPal address to send money to is

  4. Awesome and noble idea, worthy of you, fine fellas.. I have a complicated relationship with pay pal, and any credit card paying services, run by pay pal.. Happy to use g-mail secure checkout, or money transfer if you can provide the info.. Hugs.. Yulia

    • nowhereomnibus

      Hey Yulia, we can take yer money even if you have to give me cash in the pub. Otherwise mail me direct and I’ll give you deets.

  5. How can one post this to Facebook, etc?

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