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Interactive theatre

The bus will provide a stage for a number of interactive theatrical experiences. For example:

A passenger removes from his/her bag a small (but thick) map, and over the course of five minutes, slowly opens each fold of the paper until it becomes apparent that it is an unfeasibly large map of ridiculous proportions, so much so that it begins to cover the heads of other passengers… On the bus, in the midst of the playa, a cellphone rings. It rings some more. Eventually one of the passengers, a bowler hatted businessman, pulls out the phone and answers it. He proceeds to apologise for his lateness and seems to have missed his stop but can’t work out where he is. The place is full of freaks… must be Cambden or somewhere. He asks the conductor and is told to get off and catch the number 69 in the other direction. Or catch a taxi. He gets off… One morning, during rush hour, the entire bus is packed with bowler hatted businessmen. They stand silently reading the times. They all get off at the same stop and race, walking, never running, to the city… The cartoon American tourist, Hawaiian shirt, shorts, baseball cap or Stetson, brandishing a camera and asking everyone the way to PaDINGerton or Lie-sester Square… We will construct a script which really delves into the most absurd possible mis-pronunciation of English spelling.. As the bus drives away from a stop, a man is seen chasing the the bus. He runs for all he’s worth and eventually catches up with the bus but, instead of jumping on via the platform at the back, he continues to run and overtakes the bus. He’s then followed by another… and another.

A Busker playing ukelele/banjo gets on and performs.

It turns out that the bus conductor can play the harmonica…
A group of passengers, hitherto seated quietly, unexpectedly bursts into song… At the terminus a butler walks round the bus serving tea… The Queen is a passenger and is clearly out of her depth on a bus surrounded by the common people. However, it’s not fully apparent whether she has indeed been left behind by her entourage or whether she may simply be a mad woman. She may smell of piss. Perhaps she already does… A housewife with a small heavy box struggles onto the bus and is helped to place it in the luggage area. After a few minutes a surprisingly large human struggles noisily out of the box.

See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

7 responses to “Art

  1. for great justice, MAKE IT SO.

  2. [performance art] ooh! and how about – a BM tourist –
    you know: looking for the place to buy the stuff. Looking for a place to get his FREE BIKE. Looking at and commenting on all the FREAKS in this town.

  3. nowhereomnibus

    Keep the performance suggestions coming!

  4. the bad boys and girls, smokers and naked people all sit at the back of the bus!

  5. two habited nuns get on board and start singing a psalm or beat people with rulers

  6. Alice and the Madhatter start the Unbirthday party as soon as they board.
    “happy unbirthday to you….”

  7. Performance timetable is filling up fast. We need people to step up to fill bit parts, main parts and do costume work. Also, if you have any complete ideas you may want to try, on or around the bus, let us now NOW.



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