See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

Philosophical Statement

 Apart from the sheer wonkiness of a pristine London bus traversing the playa, the Nowhere Omnibus Service will operate on two distinct levels. From a purely functional perspective it will provide something that Black Rock City wil LOVE: a scheduled public transport system with carefully planned infrastructure. The strict maintenance of this service will be paramount and, juxtaposed with the dark, dainty and daring performance and Black Rock backdrop, will present a very surreal yet comfortably re-assuring spectacle.

It presents a highly stylised, theatrical space for interaction and intervention between stereotypical British characters and the denizens of Black Rock City, NV, USA. This journey is a highly social act which will engage participants both on and off the bus.

It is also a device with which to subvert common pre-conceptions regarding time travel, timetables, and the crackly sound of your dad’s fossil records. The Nowhere Omnibus offers an alternative vision of the Back rock Experience – a vision of tight schedules and tight pants taking us en masse to our destination and back in time for tea.

See our Donate page for full details of what we’re asking for and why

2 responses to “Why

  1. …and…well…quite frankly, part of the American Dream is to see the world (London! Paris! Rome!) but taking a car (or bus) trip to NYC or DC is a big family deal, too.

    AND in each of those cities (and COUNTLESS around the US) are the double deckers – there to give you your American view – you know on the all American London DoubleDecker bus tour.


  2. apparently, Charles Darwin is a regular commuter on this route and will playing the same old fossil records over and over again.

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